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Westinghouse / Cutler-Hammer SPB Circuit Breakers

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Westinhouse SPB100-2000C

Westinghouse / Cutler-Hammer Systems Pow-R SPB insulated case circuit breakers.





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  • ⇒ Huge selection in stock from 800 to 5000 Amps

Westinghouse first made the SPB insulated case and then sold the line to Cutler
Hammer an Eaton Corporation subsidiary. These circuit breakers combine the best
of both worlds. Small, compact, and higher interrupting than similar air circuit
breakers. With solid state trip units for coordination not found in molded case
circuit breakers.

These units, known as insulated case circuit breakers, are found in more and more
industrial and commercial applications such as high rise buildings, hospitals,
offshore oil rigs, generators, and as a main disconnect for molded case distribution

Sierra Circuit Breaker is the west coast’s leading service company for repairs,
rebuilds, and sales of Cutler Hammer SPB circuit breakers. We have the knowledge
and expertise for every vintage and type of SPB circuit breaker built since their
introduction to the market. We will save you time and money with fast reliable
service and technical knowhow. Call us anytime night or day.


Frame Amps AIC@600V
SBP50 800-1600 50,000
SPB65 800-2000 65,000
SPB100 800-5000 100,000


Maintenance solutions include renewal parts and accessories for normal maintenance, and loaner
breakers. These solutions are aimed at keeping the older technology breakers in good working
order over an extended period of time. And as the description implies, the breakers will be
maintained, but they will never exceed the original specifications.

Upgrade solutions for SPB Breakers includes Trip Unit Upgrades. These solutions focus on
replacing the older technology tripping systems with the latest technology offerings. The latest
technology permits significant improvements to be realized in improved coordination and
protection, remote metering and monitoring, network communications and energy management


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SPB-50 400 Amp Cutler-Hammer
SPB-50 400 Amp Westinghouse
SPB-50 400 Amp Eaton
SPB-50 800 Amp Cutler-Hammer
SPB-50 800 Amp Westinghouse
SPB-50 800 Amp Eaton
SPB-65 1200 Amp Cutler-Hammer
SPB-65 1200 Amp Westinghouse
SPB-65 1200 Amp Eaton
SPB-65 1600 Amp Cutler-Hammer
SPB-65 1600 Amp Westinghouse
SPB-65 1600 Amp Eaton
SPB-65 2000-C Amp Cutler-Hammer
SPB-65 2000-C Amp Westinghouse
SPB-65 2000-C Amp Eaton
SPB-100 400 Amp Cutler-Hammer
SPB-100 400 Amp Westinghouse
SPB-100 400 Amp Eaton
SPB-100 800 Amp Cutler-Hammer
SPB-100 800 Amp Westinghouse
SPB-100 800 Amp Eaton
SPB-100 1200 Amp Cutler-Hammer
SPB-100 1200 Amp Westinghouse
SPB-100 1200 Amp Eaton
SPB-100 1600 Amp Cutler-Hammer
SPB-100 1600 Amp Westinghouse
SPB-100 1600 Amp Eaton
SPB-100 2000-C Amp Cutler-Hammer
SPB-100 2000-C Amp Westinghouse
SPB-100 2000-C Amp Eaton
SPB-100 2000 Amp Cutler-Hammer
SPB-100 2000 Amp Westinghouse
SPB-100 2000 Amp Eaton
SPB-100 2500 Amp Cutler-Hammer
SPB-100 2500 Amp Westinghouse
SPB-100 2500 Amp Eaton
SPB-100 3000 Amp Cutler-Hammer
SPB-100 3000 Amp Westinghouse
SPB-100 3000 Amp Eaton
SPB-100 4000 Amp Cutler-Hammer
SPB-100 4000 Amp Westinghouse
SPB-100 4000 Amp Eaton
SPB-100 5000 Amp Cutler-Hammer
SPB-100 5000 Amp Westinghouse
SPB-100 5000 Amp Eaton
SPB-150 400 Amp Cutler-Hammer
SPB-150 400 Amp Westinghouse
SPB-150 400 Amp Eaton
SPB-150 800 Amp Cutler-Hammer
SPB-150 800 Amp Westinghouse
SPB-150 800 Amp Eaton
SPB-150 1200 Amp Cutler-Hammer
SPB-150 1200 Amp Westinghouse
SPB-150 1200 Amp Eaton
SPB-150 1600 Amp Cutler-Hammer
SPB-150 1600 Amp Westinghouse
SPB-150 1600 Amp Eaton
SPB-150 2000-C Amp Cutler-Hammer
SPB-150 2000-C Amp Westinghouse
SPB-150 2000-C Amp Eaton
SPB-150 2000 Amp Cutler-Hammer
SPB-150 2000 Amp Westinghouse
SPB-150 2000 Amp Eaton
SPB-150 2500 Amp Cutler-Hammer
SPB-150 2500 Amp Westinghouse
SPB-150 2500 Amp Eaton
SPB-150 3000 Amp Cutler-Hammer
SPB-150 3000 Amp Westinghouse
SPB-150 3000 Amp Eaton
SPB-150 4000 Amp Cutler-Hammer
SPB-150 4000 Amp Westinghouse
SPB-150 4000 Amp Eaton
SPB-150 5000 Amp Cutler-Hammer
SPB-150 5000 Amp Westinghouse
SPB-150 5000 Amp Eaton
SPBN-250 250 Amp Cutler-Hammer
SPBN-800 800 Amp Cutler-Hammer
SPBN-1200 1200 Amp Cutler-Hammer
SPBN-1600 1600 Amp Cutler-Hammer
SPBN-2000C 2000C Amp Cutler-Hammer
SPBN-2000 2000 Amp Cutler-Hammer
SPBN-2500 2500 Amp Cutler-Hammer
SPBN-3000 3000 Amp Cutler-Hammer
SPBN-4000 4000 Amp Cutler-Hammer
SPBN-5000 5000 Amp Cutler-Hammer
SPBNH-250 250 Amp Cutler-Hammer
SPBNH-800 800 Amp Cutler-Hammer
SPBNH-1200 1200 Amp Cutler-Hammer
SPBNH-1600 1600 Amp Cutler-Hammer
SPBNH-2000C 2000C Amp Cutler-Hammer
SPBNH-2000 2000 Amp Cutler-Hammer
SPBNH-2500 2500 Amp Cutler-Hammer
SPBNH-3000 3000 Amp Cutler-Hammer
SPBNH-4000 4000 Amp Cutler-Hammer
SPBNH-5000 5000 Amp Cutler-Hammer
SPBN-250 250 Amp Eaton
SPBN-800 800 Amp Eaton
SPBN-1200 1200 Amp Eaton
SPBN-1600 1600 Amp Eaton
SPBN-2000C 2000C Amp Eaton
SPBN-2000 2000 Amp Eaton
SPBN-2500 2500 Amp Eaton
SPBN-3000 3000 Amp Eaton
SPBN-4000 4000 Amp Eaton
SPBN-5000 5000 Amp Eaton
SPBNH-250 250 Amp Eaton
SPBNH-800 800 Amp Eaton
SPBNH-1200 1200 Amp Eaton
SPBNH-1600 1600 Amp Eaton
SPBNH-2000C 2000C Amp Eaton
SPBNH-2000 2000 Amp Eaton
SPBNH-2500 2500 Amp Eaton
SPBNH-3000 3000 Amp Eaton
SPBNH-4000 4000 Amp Eaton
SPBNH-5000 5000 Amp Eaton
SPBN-250 250 Amp Westinghouse
SPBN-800 800 Amp Westinghouse
SPBN-1200 1200 Amp Westinghouse
SPBN-1600 1600 Amp Westinghouse
SPBN-2000C 2000C Amp Westinghouse
SPBN-2000 2000 Amp Westinghouse
SPBN-2500 2500 Amp Westinghouse
SPBN-3000 3000 Amp Westinghouse
SPBN-4000 4000 Amp Westinghouse
SPBN-5000 5000 Amp Westinghouse
SPBNH-250 250 Amp Westinghouse
SPBNH-800 800 Amp Westinghouse
SPBNH-1200 1200 Amp Westinghouse
SPBNH-1600 1600 Amp Westinghouse
SPBNH-2000C 2000C Amp Westinghouse
SPBNH-2000 2000 Amp Westinghouse
SPBNH-2500 2500 Amp Westinghouse
SPBNH-3000 3000 Amp Westinghouse
SPBNH-4000 4000 Amp Westinghouse
SPBNH-5000 5000 Amp Westinghouse